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Прочитать и ответить на вопросы. Можно не переводите, ток помогите на вопросы ответить, пожалуйста :c

When we want to know the time, we look at a clock or a watch. We can see two hands on the face of the watch. One hand is long. It points to minutes. The other hand is short. It points to hours. The hands go round the face. One the face of the watch there are twelve figures from 1 to 12. When the hour hand stands on eight and the minute hand stands on twelve, it is eight o'clok sharp.

1) How many fingers are there on the face of the watch?
2) What hand points to minutes?
3) What goes round the face?
4) What hand points to hours?
5) When is it eight o'clock sharp?
6) Where do the hands go?

18 Октября в 16:51
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Лучший ответ:

1) ten fingers 2) long hand 3) the hands 4) short hand 5)when the hour hand stands on eight and the minute hand stands on twelve

18 Октября в 16:10
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