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Поставьте предложение в вопросительную и отрицательную форму:
1. We are writing a dictation now.
2. He always does morning exercises.
3. My mother came home at 4.
4. The sailors will paint the hull tomorrow.
5. They have already done this work.
6. There are some books on the table.
7. My sister had received the letter.
8. A new ship was built in Germany.
9. Our agents supplied the provision
10. We shall have no time to do it.

18 Октября в 10:09
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Лучший ответ:

1. Are we writing a dictation now?
 We are not writing a dictation now.
2. Does he always do morning exercises?
He always does not morning exercises.
3. Did my mother come home at 4?
My mother didn't come home at 4.
4. Will the sailors  paint the hull tomorrow?
The sailors will not paint the hull tomorrow.
6. Are there some books on the table?
There are not some books on the table.

18 Октября в 10:10
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