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I promised my friend Lucy that I (0) B her out to the movies for a treat if she
(1) _____ her driving test. I found out yesterday that she (2) _____ the day before, so I called her last night and (3) _____ whether she wanted to see the new film with Matt Dillon. She (4) _____ that she (5) _____ it, but that she (6) _____ to see the Julia Roberts film instead. It (7) _____ very good reviews by the critics in the newspaper last week, so we decided to go. It was showing at the Scala cinema on the other side of town. So I (8) _____ if she (9) _____ give me a lift in her car because I can’t drive. She didn’t sound very happy but said she (10) _____ to my house and collect me.

0 A had taken B would take C take D will take

1 A would pass B had passed C will pass D passed

2 A would pass B had passed C was passing D has passed

3 A asked her B told her C said her D spoke her

4 A asked me B told me C said me D spoke me

5 A would already see B was already seeing C had already seen D already seen

6 A loved B loves C will love D would love

7 A was given B has been given C gave D gives

8 A told B said her C asked her D spoke

9 A would B should C must D will

10 A had already come B comes C would com D will come

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