МНОГО БАЛЛОВ!!!!!!!!!!!! топик на тему watch the blue sea или feel pleased and happy.используя слова например, я думаю, я уверена и т д. типа рассуждения

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I see the sea seldom. In total once a year. I don't love beaches in the afternoon. I think, the sea too doesn't love day: fat women, the men who are lewdly glancing at young girls, sand around flies and squeal is audible.Sometimes I want to see any sea:  night, day, morning.  If only to see. The sea which dreams me which I am afraid, afraid to choke with slightly funeral smell of the sea, happiness and freedom which have merged together with come true dream. It seems to me that to love the sea - all the same what to like to dream. It is sure that each time when I stand on the coast, I stay in a condition of happiness.

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